I'm so nervous!

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Hi Guys!

i'm just a new guy here in this forum.
I am currently reviewing the Jean Andrews book "Guide to Managing and Maintaining your PC" CompTIA A+ (I almost finished it), and the next one will be Mike Meyer's CompTIA A+ book. (I still have to read it though).
I feel like I'm taking so much time reviewing this two book (2 thousand pages in both of the books). and I still have to make a reviewer for that. I've got no experience in IT, so probably that's why I am too nervous with this certifications.

Is it really hard to take both of the tests?

Your thoughts?icon_rolleyes.gif


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    Hey man!

    Welcome to the forums and to IT!

    I am actually new to forums in the sense that I don't post much, but I've been lurking for a while. I have been typing this little intro trying to figure out where to start, but I think I'll just keep it simple.

    I have been a computer nerd since I was a little boy. Sometimes it's hard for me to give advice to people just starting out because I don't remember what it was like when I was learning. I do know this though:

    1.) If you have used the study material provided, and have taken practice exams and done well...you are ready to take the exam.

    2.) If you have dedication and determination, you will pass the exams.

    I really think you will be fine with the A+. ****You may not discuss your exam with others per the NDA, comments removed***

    Good luck studying, and I'm sure you'll do well when it's time for your exam!
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    Thanks for the positive feedback Carl (I presumed that's your name), and thanks for offering your assistance to me if any vague information that I would possibly stuck while I am reviewing the book.

    Well, as of now I've got a job on the daytime, plus during some spare hours at work, I am using that time to read the book. Then after I got home, I have to continue reading though because we are talking about a thousand pages and I have to finish it, I just borrowed that book. (I dont skip or skim in reading that's why it takes so long for me to be done reading)

    Another question, Do they implement a 50% passing grade or 70% in the test?
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    Another question, Do they implement a 50% passing grade or 70% in the test?

    You need only worry about being above the minimum value posted for the respective exams. CompTIA and MS both list the minimum passing score. It is not a percentage score and many folks mistakenly state that or believe it is such. Only the vendor knows their algorithm for calculating points per question. Since many vendors include beta questions, beta questions usually are not score as the vendor is testing the way the question is worded or how popular a new technology has become and if the type of question they beta-tested is valuable in future exams.

    Focus on 'knowing' and 'understanding' the subject matter on which you will test (this applies to all your future exams too) and not so much about points and what questions look like. The exams are to highlight candidates proficiency in not send more bumbling idiots into the job market who block candidates with real knowledge from obtaining a job.

    Nothing wrong with studying and using proper testing material, but make certain you can apply your knowledge into a live environment. When you do that, you will excel!
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