Passed !!!!!!!!

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Many Thanks to everyone who replied to my original post. I am glad to say I passed my exam. My next mission is to pass my Network+
before Xmas. I am going to get the Mike Myers Network+ all in one book. Unless anyone can recommend a better one also do you think its practical that I can complete the Exam in two Months, I am a systems support analyst and deal with Network Admin Jobs everyday ???.


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    Congrats Bubsy!

    I think Mike Myers Network+ is the best choice as for books, and yes I think two months is practical, assuming hard and regular study. icon_wink.gif
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    congratulations on your pass. best of luck with your network+.
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    Congratulations dood

    Yes, Mikes book is an awesome choice and is a very easily absorbed volume. I am studying full time and took the exam after 2 1/2 weeks with no prior networking knowledge so I can vouch for the books scope and content icon_smile.gif
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    Way to go Bubsy, now if I could just pass mine.
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    Quick Note for the Bloke who runs this Site it is very Impressive and you have a lot of friendly Users on it.

    As it seems everyone is in Favour I will probally get the Mike Myers Network+ book. I was also thinking about the following I have my appraisal come the middle of January and was trying to get as many qualifications as I can by then for a Pay Review icon_twisted.gif !!

    Do you think it would be better to go for my Network+ or go for the MCSE exam 70-210. I have recently Paid £700 to do a self study course on this with Macmin Training and I have the Mike Myers 70-210 training Passport. What do you think is the best one to go for first ??
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    i have been lead to believe by many that network+ is good preparation for microsoft exams. that is the way i am approaching it myself - although, employers may probably hold microsoft certificates higher than comptia certificates.

    i use macmin's book for my a+ and felt that i owed more of my pass to it than my exam cram book. however, i am using meyers' passport and internet sources with other reading materials for my network+.
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    Thanks for the compliment Bubs! :D

    I agree with Bellboy, Net+ is good preparation for MCSE, you'll learn many topics that will re-appear on the exams in the mcse track. Besides that it is also a good foundation for CCNA and CCDA even.

    But especially if the company you work at also uses Windows 2000 Professional and you work with it or you need to troubleshoot it regularly it might be more 'valuable' to your company and yourself if you choose 70-210.

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    Must agree the site is wonderfully put together. And we are a friendly bunch, aren't we? icon_wink.gif

    Anyhow, congrats on passing the A+ certification exams and definitely agree that Net+ is the next logical step. When you get to MS exams they will assume you already know a lot of networking basics.

    By taking your hardware knowledge from A+ and adding networking basics from Net+ you will effectively build a very solid foundation upon which to build your vendor specific certifications. You may even want to look at quickly following Net+ with i-Net+ to get the basics of the internet and web design. Then jump to the MS or the Cisco certs.
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    Good job. Congrats. My test is Tuesday...
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    This thread is 14 years old, how did you two even find it?...
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