Security+ in 7 days

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Hello all! First I would like to say this is my first post ever so please excuse the n00bness. It was brought to my attention Sunday night that I have to pass the Security+ as a pre-req for the job I am being offered. It is a time sensitive matter so I only had 7 days to study. I have read through the Security+ 301 Study Guide book by Darril Gibson, which was A LOT of good info. I read it in about 3 and a half days and did well on the questions, including getting 89/100 on the Practice Exam at the end. My first question is, how close is the test exam to the actual certification exam? Also, I took notes of all the "Remember This" footnotes from Darril, should I be studying other resources as well or will this suffice? I went through a Study Guide from as well. Any input and resources (especially free) are appreciated.


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