Better book your test date before the deadline.

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FYI, If you plan on taking the CCNP exams before the deadline you might want to book them now. I went online to book my T-Shoot and there was nothing in December for Pittsburgh at 4 test centers and first available was Jan 15. There was only 5 days open after that. Really wanted to get this done before the New Year.
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    I was actually worried about this, as I booked ROUTE last week for the 31st of Dec. Work sent me out of town for the last 4 days and now caught a cold sitting in a cold data center. (I know, I know ...put my violin away) Plus, I had absolutely no study time. I was contemplating rescheduling, but now I'm worried I won't get a spot. I hate doing stuff in the last minute.
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    Keep checking those calendars. A lot of people bail out of exams last minute.
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    I'm from the UK so I will be sitting my exam in London. I keep checking the dates and they are still available for early next year but like lincis said keep checking them dates!
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    I was surprised that there were so many available in my area when I checked last week. Question: I know I can reschedule as long as its at least 24 hours ahead of time [and there's a slot available], but can I change test centers also?
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