Microsoft 98-349 and A+ exam cram

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How much information in the A+ exam cram book is actually covered on the MTA 98-349 test ?


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    I can't say for sure because I haven't read the exam cram book, but the 98-349 test was much, much easier than the A+. But you'll have to remember too that this is a Microsoft exam and A+ doesn't really cover the Microsoft specific stuff. If you go to the exam site: https://www.microsoft.com/learning/en-us/exam-98-349.aspx you can open up the objectives and read the articles that they link to in technet as well.
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    I would not use the A+ exam cram to study for this. 98-349 is a Microsoft only exam and will cover many things specific to Windows 7 that A+ will have no need to discuss. I signed up for the free CBT Nuggets 7 day trial. Watched all the videos and used the link below as a practice test. Passed the test with no problems.


    Note: If you are new to this you may need to read up some more using Technet or a book. When I took this I have been doing Help Desk\Desktop Support for years and had my A+, Net+ and Security+.
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    Thank alot !!!
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    Go for the 98-349 exam.... That is a quite basic exam that helps to validate the core skills of clientos
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