The new guy says Hello, and has some questions :D

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I'm currently working towards my A+ and CCNA certs. I have a Bachelors in Letters and Science with an English degree, and decided to move back into the IT field. Anyway, long story short, I've become a bit discouraged by the experience conundrum (not to mention all the new initials some of these places seem to require). I currently work as a 3rd shift manager at Walgreens, and I'm sick to death of retail icon_sad.gif

I'm looking to relocate to Seattle in about six months, but it would be nice to know what I can do before then to make sure I'm in a position to land a good job that'll pay the bills(at least $15/hour 40 hours/week). Here's a brief lowdown of what I know.

-I currently administer and publish a Podcast ( if that helps with the experience thing at all.
-Basic Linux experience.
-Lots of hardware experience (and I can solder too!)
-Advanced Windoze experience (95->XP)
-Basic networking experience.
-I have some sound engineering related technical experience too.

I considered doing the Geek Squad thing, but they don't pay enough to keep my credit-card companies happy :P I see some jobs on Dice for a company called Rescuecom that seems like a Geek Squad alternative, but their listing isn't very specific.

Anyone in the Seattle area, or Washington in general, know of good entry-level places that actually pay you for what you do? Sorry if I'm a bit vague, but it's 1am and I'm groggy... I sincerely appreciate any info offered :)



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    Entry level pay sucks.

    Have you considered working part time entry level and another job in a different field that would pay you more to balance it out?
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    Well, since my work schedule is 7days on/7days off, I was thinking of doing some slave-labor at the local ISP on my weeks off. I'm not making any money on that week off anyway, so I don't really care what they pay me :D At least that way I'd get some hands on experience with Cisco routers.

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    you won't see any router work at all unless it unboxing.. sorry to tell you the truth... at best hope to get some "hand and eye" work which will lead into basic network configs (paste in configs) that will open up a door here and there to get you in icon_wink.gif
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    Well, at the very least it'll be something to put on my resume. The hard part is convincing any part time job I look for to let me work every other week. At least there are plenty of router sims out there I can play with :)

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