What is next now? Done with CEH

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Hopefully, tomorrow I will be done with my CEHv8..

Already started thinking about the next step, now I have:
-McAfee SIEM

Am already preparing for my CCNA Voice, but not giving it too much dedication, I am running it in parallel with other things I am preparing for, so I will keep studying for my CCNA but will be starting something else in the beginning of the year

I am a Network administrator, but am the type of people who would rather know 'something about everything' than 'everything about one thing'.. Yes I will dig deeper in Cisco path but I want to be good in other aspects

Doing my CEHv8 and having a fair knowledge in Linux made me consider doing LPIC-1 & LPIC-2.. a lot of people recommend ITIL but I am yet to know exactly what is it about (any useful info would be great!) other options are CCNP Switch (Already studied for it but did not do the exam so I need some kind of refreshment only, the problem is that they are changing the material!), CCNA Security..

What do you suggest ?!


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    I see you don't have any CompTIA certs, so you might consider Security+ before CCNA:Security, and Linux+ before LPIC-1 & LPIC-2 (there are RedHat and Ubuntu certs as well). If pen testing is your interest, you can also keep going on the CEH track and get the ECSA and LPT too. I always encourage people to try learning programming, so a programming certification could be a long term goal (Python recommended).
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    Sounds great thanks!

    I will be doing a CCNA Voice, hopefully end it before the end of January..
    Does the Security+ provide any additional knowledge? since I already passed the CEHv8 and I have a real good understanding of covered topics..
    Yes, I guess I will be doing my Linux+ before the LPICs.. not sure how to sort things out though..

    the current thought..
    CCNA Voice before the end of January.. ITIL before the end of February.. Linux+ Before mid April.. Then a CCNA Switch before mid may (already studied the material before the change but never done the exam!)..

    Am considering something in Network Virtualization.. where do you recommend to start?

    Thank You !
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    Just remember, getting your Linux+ also gets you the LPIC-1 and the SUSE Certified Linux Administrator certs. Then all you need is LPIC-2. https://www.lpi.org/linux-certifications/gain-advantage-3-1-certification
    WGU - MSISA - Done!!
    Next up: eCPPT, eWDP, eWPT, eMAPT
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