Network+ passed 819/900

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Hi all !!
I am super excited to share the news of me passing my first CompTIA exam. I am satisfied with the score, although, I could've scored a little more if I hadn't changed a few answers in the last minute :P
I would be happy to give my advice/suggestion to anyone who needs it.

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    hi, congrats on your pass

    what are you study methods and what materials do you recommend?

    any advice on what to focus on?

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    Hey walter18,

    Thanks! I used CBTnuggets series on Network+ and read network+ Aurthorized guide by Kevin Wallace. It's brevity certainly cut short the studying time, however, I found it didn't cover 1-2 little things and had a couple of typos. Maybe, there's an updated version or an errata is out. I also watched CBTnuggets series on IPv4 subnetting. Keith Barker is an amazing tutor. All in all, I think it took about 100 or so hours from zero knowledge and no experience to a PASS.

    {content may violate NDA removed }

    I wish you all the best if you are preparing for this exam. This exam doesn't go in much depth but has a dauntingly tremendous scope of topics. Feel free to post/PM if you have any questions.

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    Congratulations on passing, I've booked my Net+ for the 30th of December and am currently reading through the certified Exam Cram book for it. Do you have any future certification goals following this?
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    Congrats!! icon_thumright.gif
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    Also I PM'd you ;)
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    Thanks fellas !

    @H3 | | scr3am - Best of luck on the exam! Hope you get one more reason to celebrate the NYE :) I will be taking CWTS, CCENT next month. Let us know your experience with the exam. And once again, all the best!
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    How is Darrell Gibson's book on this exam?
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    Congrats man! icon_thumright.gif | ProHacker.Co(nsultant) | ITaaS.Co(nstultant) | | @fuz1on
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    Thanks for the well wishes, I actually rescheduled for the 6th, my family ended up dropping in for a week over the holidays and I lost a lot of my planned study time.
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    steelodon wrote: »
    How is Darrell Gibson's book on this exam?

    I didn't use Gibson's book for Net+. Just the authorize study guide by Kevin Wallace. I am using Gibson's book for Sec+, however. Sorry :s can't help you there.
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    Congrats on the pass! I am also using CBT nuggets for training and Labsim. I agree Keith Barker is an amazing teacher, I love his enthusiasm! I should be scheduling to take mine in the middle of January. :D
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    Hi guys,

    Congrats on passing the I took Network+ exam. I took mine today I didn't do so great. So far, I have been using the Mike Meyers CompTia Network+ 10-005, and Kevin Wallace latest Network+ Authorization guide, and Keith Barker's CBT Network+ classes which I have completed. Right now, I'm debating whether or to get the exam cram online from as a Kindle Book? Has anyone had any with this book in the following link below:


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    oh. Sorry to hear that speedy. Did you get your test report ? What sort of areas did you find the most challenging or needing the most work ?
    I didn't use the Exam cram but I hope someone here can answer your question. I downloaded some apps on my android phone and just went through as many as I could. Also, the questions after every chapter (however few) definitely helped.
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    I used that book alone and just passed my Network+ today, I also supplemented with the testing software and Professor Messer Videos. I use the Exam Crams for most exams if there is one. They have a very handy **** sheet/last minute review sheet to look over about 30 minutes prior to the exam. (The Net+ one is longer then the CISSP one by quite a bit) also it includes a coupon code that stacks on top of the ones found here:

    10% Discount Code for CompTIA Certification Exam Vouchers | Pearson IT Certification

    As anguragaks mentioned, in your printout it should tell you where you missed questions, so I suggest brushing up on those items/domains, and then retaking it, don't let it beat you :D Best of luck on your next attempt :D
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