Finally in the Club....Passed the Sy0-301

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This exam has been a thorn in my side for quite sometime. I purchased Darril Gibson's "Get Certified, Get Ahead" book not long after it was released then I procrastinated, I started studying, I stopped studying and started studying multiple times. I joined his site and purchased study guides then let my subscription run out without taking advantage of the materials (luckily I downloaded the Security+ Audio files). During this time I directed at least a dozen people to this site and advised them to purchase Darril's book. I told them how to study and what pitfalls to avoid since I had become an expert at what not to do. I completed my BS, then started and finished my MS (graduation was 13DEC2014). Finally as the expiration of the SY0-301 neared I knew it was time to actually walk the walk instead of just talking about it. I read Darril's book for the 2nd time which is quite difficult for me since my attention span is about that of a 5yo in Chuck E Cheese holding $50 in tokens. I listened to the audio files (warning: listening through headphones and going to sleep gives you weird dreams) I found notes from Macpro76 and re-typed them out so I wouldn't feel like I was just being lazy and benefiting from someone else's hard work. Friday 12/19, I purchased an early expiring voucher, Monday 12/22 I scheduled an exam and Today I passed with an 858.

For anyone who hasn't taken the exam yet, and was patient enough to read through my post I do recommend that you PURCHASE DARRIL'S BOOK, actually read it icon_study.gif following his advice in the beginning (write all of the remember this parts and set a goal). One of things that took me so long is that I didn't have a pressing need for the certification so I procrastinated "a lot" I made excuses, I blamed it on not having enough time due to work, my studies, time for my kids (I have 3 ages 6, 8 & 10), time for my wife (I only have one of those icon_rolleyes.gif). In short "Don't stand in your own way" Also pay a visit to Professor Messer's site. His videos are very informative, I can't say that I watched them all, but I did pick and choose different sections that helped with areas I wasn't as comfortable in.
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    Congratz! What ya got planned next?
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    Congrats! I used the Security+ Audio files as well. Gibson and Messer are great resources for this test.
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    Congratulations on passing :D I'll be working towards the 401 next month :D
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    cs8400 wrote: »
    Congrats! I used the Security+ Audio files as well. Gibson and Messer are great resources for this test.

    Yes they are! I gave Darril's book to a friend and he passed it on the first time. I feel like there are certain concepts like encryption and PKI that are not every day knowledge that people need to focus on for these exams, which both resources adequately cover.
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    Congrats !!
    I too procrastinated for Network+ for about 2 years and ended up doing up shortly after booking the date. What's worse was that everytime I "restarted", I felt that I was back to square 1. It really helps to set the date or even purchasing the voucher.

    Anyway, will you be going for another cert ?
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    Congrats man! icon_thumright.gif That book is great and the only reason I passed Sec+ last week! | ProHacker.Co(nsultant) | ITaaS.Co(nstultant) | | @fuz1on
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    Hello DntH8Me,

    Thanks for putting your experience so honestly on the forum. I think my habit of studying is very similar to you. One thing I did is not pay for the voucher as then that would be like what I tried my hands on SCCP. I pushed it 4 times each time losing money and finally I withdrew from the exam. I procastinated far too long. Its the same thats happening with Security +. I have started this like 4 time now and had set 2014 as my target. I am in the last day of the year with not even a chapter complete! feel really bad, Half my time goes in confusions, securitytube or Eli or network plus videos. Then I decide first let me see how I fare in S+ then we also have to try CISSP ( Please see I purchased shon Harris's CISSP book). I end up doing nothing!!. Also I feel scared to buy books now as I feel If I am not able to clear then it is such a waste. After reading your post I realise I am not alone ( although not very happy about that fact). Also my concentration power and capacity to reproduce from memory is getting bleaker with time. icon_sad.gificon_cry.gif
    This is very frustrating.
    I do not understand why I am failing at this. I took up a Symantec exam and failed miserably although I know pretty well how to administer and monitor. This pulled me down not to touch my S+ study material for 2 months. Now again I have decided to take up and finish s+, hoping it to pass it in first attempt as All these are a pinch in my pocket. Let me see if I can get some good condition used book in Amazon of Darril Gibson, 2015 I plan to stick to some study group and may be that will help me. If any one has any idea/advice do let me know.
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    I took a very similar approach (procrastinating, worrying) and finally took the S+ on Dec 19. Passed higher than I imagined that I would. I credit Darril Gibsons book and premium content. Honestly, I was very skeptical of the Gibson stuff but it was the best place for information on how to approach the performance questions. Now I recommend Gibsons stuff to anyone wishing to get a good handle on the exams.

    To Roopa Amit:
    Get the Gibson material, at least the book. I got the Kindle version so that I could study at any time. Visit his site and do everything he has available and read the blogs. DONT LET THE STUFF INTIMIDATE YOU. Set aside time to study and stick to it. If possible, get Gibson's premium content. You don't have to get the most expensive one, but the one with performance based question study materials will be very helpful. Also, go to Quizlet and find flashcards for Security + ports (the ones with approx. 24 to 28 flashcards will suffice). Get the free Quizlet app for mobile and study ports until you can recite them in your sleep. Quizlet has different games that will help you get the ports down. If you read the book content and mentally connect the info on ports with the Quizlet info, that will help a lot. It did for me.Lastly, do the free quiz here and find some others. If you do not do well on them, use the info to improve. Do them and make notes of the questions you miss, drill down on those then take the quizzes again. This approach requires dedication and focus, but if you do this I believe it will help tremendously.
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    Best of luck!
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    Congratulations on the exam!!!
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    Yes I will be going for another cert and I'm trying hard not to procrastinate this time. I am very interested in taking the Linux+ next and have ordered a book for it, but just this morning I thought that taking the Network+ might be a better idea. My reasoning for this is I would think the learning curve for the Network+ would be less than the Linux+ especially after just taking the Security+. I may be wrong but I would think some of the concepts overlap. I still plan to take the Linux+ but the idea of having another cert sooner seems like a safe bet. Besides I still working on streamlining my study habbits

    Roopa Amit
    Take one thing at a time. One of my biggest problems is focus. One minute I'm studying for a cert and the next I'm studying about programming (and not just one language either). There is so much information out there that you can become overwhelmed in it all and never complete anything. PURCHASE DARRIL'S BOOK if you do not already have it. Focus on reading it all the way through. Once you complete it, then watch videos, and other things while continuing to reference the book. The reason I say this is because it sounds like you are getting sidetracked and just skipping around various materials and not finishing any of them. Once you read through the book the first time then videos and other materials will start to make more sense, then you will start absorbing instead of skimming. When you take practice tests don't just focus on the score start focusing on what you missed and why which will increase your understanding of the concepts rather the memorization of things. In short start today, start now and when you read the book only focus on the page you are reading not how many pages are left. I know easier said than done but little small victories will bring you closer to your goal.
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    congrats! I think I have until the end of this month to try and take my sy0 301 exam to still qualify as valid. I'll take your advice and read that book. one month. c'est la vie
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