Officially A+ certified

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I don't think it's fully set in, but I'm so relieved to have put this one behind me. People told me that the 802 was easier than the 801. I didn't think so. I thought the 802 was more difficult.

I used professor messer's videos and I took a week long course at New Horizons and the A+ text book I got from new Horizons's to study.

Question: Is it worth it going directly to the Network + now or should I skip it and try something like Security + or maybe something even more ambitious like a cisco cert? I guess what I'm asking is Network + in demand? Is it something that employers look for? Thanks.


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    Congratulations on the A+ certification :D I just passed my Network+ an hour ago, in terms of the demand for Network+ it depends on the type of role/position you want to strive towards, I see you already possess a multitude of MS certs, are you a Help Desk type of role? What do you desire to be?
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    Thanks and congratulations on passing your Network+ exam. I see you are also A+ certified. Which test was more difficult? I'm currently a tier 2 help desk agent at a company that specializes in data storage. I'm not sure what my long term goals are, as I've just recently got back into IT. I think perhaps some kind of admin position, although cybersecurity seems interesting too. What kind of work do you do?
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    I'm currently a job seeker, but I have a history of being a Security Analyst in a SOC. Currently I'm getting these certs because I'm seeing them as requirements for positions I'm interested in in my area, that is always a place to start. use job search engines to lookup positions that interest you and look at the requirements, whatever the most commonly required certification is for a role that interests you, perhaps that is the one you should research and pursue.
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    That's logical, thanks for the advice. I probably will go ahead and get the network+ anyway, and then the security + after that. Those three certs (A+,Net+, Sec+) I'm noticing, seem to be some kind of sought after trio, so I think it will be worthwhile if I can get all three of them on my resume. Hopefully by the end of spring. By then, perhaps, a future course of action might become clear to me.
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    Congrats on pass!! icon_thumright.gif
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    Congrats, I just passed my 2nd A+ test as well. I agree with you the 2nd test was harder than the 1st. Neither was very hard though imo. I made a 90+ on both.
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    pepper311 wrote: »
    Congrats! I made 821 on the first and 863 on the second.

    @rolltide101x: How do you mean that you made 90+ on both? THe highest possible score was a 900

    I think he means percentage wise 90% or higher
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