CCNP Switch: Failed

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Just barely! Needed 790, got a 751. Not discouraged, but a little upset about the $250. This test is significantly more difficult than CCNA. Back to the drawing board.


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    Sorry to hear it. Better luck next time!
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    If you're still on the 642-813 version, I recommend looking at BOTH the FLG and the OCG. (Make sure to look at the errata.)

    Also, make sure to use the free SWITCH Lab Manual:

    Hope this helps!
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    What did you find difficult, the questions or the lab?
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    You got it next time, man! Check out the CCNP SWITCH Simplified book. It's a great reference and I'm using it for my IE studies as well.
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    What area did you score weak in? It was a tough exam I thought, I don't remember much about it though. I remember running into questions and scenarios about HSRP and if I had no real world experience I would have crashed and burned that one, pretty sure that was SWITCH
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    Yeah and I failed my BCMSN (the old Switch exam) the first time too. I could never get my head around some topics, but now I feel like I *own* L2 :)
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    Better luck next time man, I would recommend (if you have not got it) the Chris Bryant CCNP Switch book via Amazon and Switch Simplified. Simplified is very in-depth, so read Bryant first then Simplified and you should be good!
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    Thanks for the encouraging words everyone. My two worst categories were implement infrastructure for advanced services and security extension for layer 2. I could also do a little better in Layer 3 services.

    I think my biggest problem was mental fatigue. I have been studying day and night for months and sometimes my mind just blanks out.

    I looked at my score again. I got a 759 not a 751. I failed by 31 points!
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    You got it man! With that score, you should reschedule for the next available date. Make sure you have your weak areas reviewed.
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    Keep at it you will get it! I feel your pain. I could not wrap my head around loop guard, udld, bpdugard, filter and what each did depending on certain conditions. Cisco's MCQ's can be worded very creatively as well. I found labbing it out and actually seeing how it all worked was the best way to get out of the mind melt that books can cause.
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    I failed my switch exam (BCMSN) first time round too, and I failed it miserably!

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    I know the feeling I sat for switch on this past saturday hoping to knock it out before the deadline, looks like i'll be reviewing for the new content.

    Best of luck to ya on your next attempt! PM me if you want if you want to do any kind of collaborations / review questions, etc.
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    I wish you better luck next time.
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