Preferred order to study the 10 domains?

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Is there a preferred order to study the 10 domains?

I am taking up studying for the CISSP and hope to take the exam in 6 months. I have 15 years working in IT and hold a CCSP (recerted twice), MCSE (legacy NT4), and ITILv3 Foundations cert. I’ve been directly working in Healthcare IT Security for the last 9 years.

I’ve found in the past that some certs/topic areas build on one another – so thought I’d ask if there was an ideal order in which to study the CISSP domains. Presently I have the Harris AIO kit (6th Ed.) to study with.

Thanks for any input.



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    Personally I'd start with your stronger domains, before I jumped into less-familiar, possibly frustrating territory. It can be easy to feel like you've gotten in over your head, and get discouraged.

    I am sure others have different opinions though, bottom line is do what you are comfortable with.
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    I believe this was already discussed here. Have a read: Some people like to start on familiar ground other don't but ultimately do what works best for you. Additionally, read all the "passed" threads here on the forum to give you some guidance. Good Luck
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    Agree. No one size fits all. I also started with my strongest domains fearing getting frustrated and losing interest for the cert. Worked out pretty well.
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    I have just started studying this and don't really have a preference to which order I study the domains.
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    That's what i did also. Started with my stronger domains and spend more time on the weakest ones. It worked.
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    I knew from past experience preparing for tests that topics I studied at the beginning of my preparation schedule got a lot more attention then the topics at the end. Some of that is due to sub-optimal time budgeting and some is due to fatigue. So I made a conscious decision to take on the domains I figured would be the most challenging for me. So I started with cryptography, then BCP/DR, then access control.

    I have a networking background so I'm putting Networking & Telecom last.

    I think this is a matter of personal preference. If starting with topics you are strong in gives you a psychological boost that can help you take on more challenging topics, that's a valid approach as well.
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    Unless you're planning on taking the exam before 15.04.2015 I'd check with ISC2's website. The new syllabus contains only 8 domains.
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