CEH v8 - preparation question

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I have 10 years experience, CISSP, masters degree in information systems from a division I university, Oracle 11G OCA, bleh, blah bleh.
I have a good awareness about IT management, technical hands on with software, networking appliances, and overall awareness of security concepts.

I studied on my own for CISSP for 2 weeks, and passed it in 2010.
I'm very familiar with Kali, and have the sort of "2600" mindset if that makes sense to any of you.

Is CEH worht studying for up to 2 weeks, or a week for?
Or is it doable with just a few days of studying given my quick synopsis.

Not trying to sound like an egotistical nose up in the air kind of person, I'm just wondering if it is doable this quickly(next week).
A co-worker said it was easier for him then even security+
Next up: OSCP


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