Does anyone know when does the A+ and Network+ expire ?

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Or any ideas how it works. Like say i know in one month from now that I will take the A+ exam and boom, the new exam comes out. I know it always update every 3 years but what happens if i was preparing the 801-802 then the new one comes out, will I have to start all over. Thanks.


  • hurricane1091hurricane1091 Member Posts: 918 ■■■■□□□□□□
    It expires after 3 years. If you take the Security+ within the next 3 years it will re-new them both.
  • KrusaderKrusader Member Posts: 109
    You can also renew by submitting a cert from another vendor and paying $150
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    I think he's asking about the exams and not the certification itself. The exams change every once in a while, I'm not certain if they're done every X years or what, but the question pool is constantly updated I believe. Furthermore, if they come out with a new set of exams, they allow people to still take the previous ones for 6 months or so, before they remove the old ones. So, if you were going to do the A+ the current exams are 801 and 2, but the next set would be 901 and 2, and both sets would be available for 6 months, and then the 800 series would retire and the 900 series would take over from then on.
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