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I'm new to the Cisco world.
Would I be correct to say that if one does a show ip route that a /32 would be the IP of an interface?
I've attached pic, hopefully it worked.



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    No, a /32 could be a locally configured static route or a routed learned via a routing protocol. The "C" and "L" along with "directly connected" tell you that it's an interface address. If you configured a static route pointing at a local interface, it would show up as "directly connected" but it would have an "S" indicating static route rather than the "L" or "C".
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    In this case the /32 is a Local Host route (seen by the L) and the IP of an interface. As Ed said, a /32 is not always a host route and could also be a Connected interface, static route or route from another protocol.
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  • Super99Super99 Posts: 274Member
    So if I'm understanding this correctly.
    C is directly connected, fa 2/0
    L is directly connected, fa 2/0
    Means that this router is directly connected to the network and can be reached via
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    Yeah that will work.. The club or gang (subnet or network ID) that you belong to is the /27 address. You, the member is identified by the /32 address. That's my analogy.

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