Passed ICND2, CCNA certified.

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Sometime I think I worry too much. The exam was a little easier than I expected. The frame relay sim was very easy. I think the hardest part of taking the exam was assorting all of my on screen items on 15" monitor that the exam administrators use. I passed with a 960 (same as my ICND1 score). I think I will try a microsoft server cert next.


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    Congrats on the pass and good score! Which Microsoft exam are you looking to take?

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    Im gonna start with 70-410
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    Congrats! Feels good :)
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    Great job! I'm still studying for mine... for some reason, the material does not want to stick.
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    Congrats! I scheduled CCENT at the end of Feb, probably looking to schedule CCNA in Mid to late March.

    Rock on.
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    Congrats on the pass and the good score. icon_thumright.gif
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    I remember when I first got my CCNA, it was such a great feeling. I knew that was the start to a networking career.

    Cheers to you!!
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    15" screen? You need a medal as well as the pass. I remember when my local testing place went from like 17-19 and I thought that was a revelation.


    What MS cert are you thinking about doing? I took my last one 6 years ago, but if they are still the same as they were then - you will find the pace of the exams a lot different to the Cisco ones.

    I remember one MS exam I took - I was allowed 3 hours 45 minutes time for it - and of course you are allowed to back and forth through the exam. I think I went through it 4 times, and still had some time left. They were tough exams though, oh so so many words to read!
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    Congratulations on your CCNA! and best of luck on the 70-410 :D
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    Congratulations! Well done!
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