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So, I just passed my Security+ exam yesterday and my plan is to focus on getting into the InfoSec field. What do you guys recommend as the next exam to pursue? I am thinking either CEH or SSCP. I would like something that picks up where Sec+ left off and is a smooth transition, but whatever you pros recommend is good with me.


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    I would thing SSCP then CEH would be the best path. I looked into the SSCP about three months ago, and thought it would be a good add along with CEH. But priorities at work changed and MCSE is calling. Also seems that SSCP has a lot of Security+ bleed over, so it maybe easier to knock that one out before CEH.

    Hope this helps?
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    I went Sec+ then CEH, then started getting calls from recruiters. It's not useful in a lot of places but in the .gov CEH is required for a lot of roles. SSCP and Sec+ are on the same level in the 8570 chart.
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    I'm also in a similar predicament, however I'm planning on skipping the Sec+ and Net+ exams and take the CCNA:R&S and CCNA:Security instead. hopefully there will be more answers and both of us will get some guidance :)
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    @octobersveryown: I found that getting Security+ has made studying for CCNA:Security a lot easier. It covers a lot of the infosec theory that pops up in CCNA:S.

    @Techguru365: The security realm is quite expansive. It would help if you could give an idea of what you want to be doing such as pen testing, auditing, DR/Business continuity, network/systems hardening, etc. The certification paths become more specialized at the level you want to get to.
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    How about CASP? Or CISA or GIAC certs? CEH is good for HR but - from what I've heard - the difficulty is about the same level as Security+. For me, I'd try to study something new instead of the same material just for personal growth but helping you get a job is important too. | ProHacker.Co(nsultant) | ITaaS.Co(nstultant) | | @fuz1on
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    @awitt11 please note that I said I'm only skipping the Security+ exam. I'm doing the coursework material for Security+, Network+ AND Linux+ to intimately familiarize myself with concepts. I will then be moving onto CCNA:R&S and CCNA:Security doing the coursework and sitting the exams for it

    in fact I made a thread for guidance as well, where you can find more information
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    why dont you consider GIAC course and exam?
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