Passed CISSP today Afternoon

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I passed CISSP today afternoon. Very Exhaustive examination.

Really want to tell you my story from last day of examination.

I Prepared thoroughly for 4 months, so i was very excited the day before examination. But surprisingly the night before the examination couldn't able to sleep. I tried a lot to sleep but even then i couldn't able to sleep even for 10 minutes. So because of this i really became frustrated. In the morning before going to examination i was so tired & frustrated because of no sleep.

Examination hall was good but i was feeling sleepy at starting.

Examination: It was very tough as when i started question were very tough & tricky & i am less concentrated because of less sleep.
After 1 hour i completed only 28 to 30 question. I decided to speed up but couldn't coz of sleep & questions were very tough.
After 2 hour i completed only 70 question & marked approx. 20 questions.

I am sure of failing & thinking to leave in between because of all this. My confidence was very low. Exam was really hard.

After 2 hours by head become excited & i was able to concentrate to question more & i was felling less sleepy.
After 3 hours almost 120 questions completed.
But after this suddenly comparatively easy questions started to come. So i was gaining confidence back.

Another 5 hours i completed upto 250 questions with marked question almost 80.

Last hour i reviewed marked questions. But time was less as i was not able to complete all marked questions.

i was sure of fail because of first very tough 100 questions. I collected all my belongings & left the room with sure failing.

TA was given me printout reversed without any smile, so i was sure i am fail. But because of 1% hope i flip the page & found

Congratulations !!!!!! i am surprised to see & again asked TA whether i am really pass or fail though it was telling that i passed.

I will really thankful to my wife for continuous support & my mentor & some colleagues for giving good advice.

Now to endorsement but i haven't got any mail from (ISC)2 regarding detailed procedure. Can anybody tell me in how many days the mail comes from (ISC)2. ???


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