Passed MTA 98-365

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Today I passed MTA Windows Server Administration Fundamentals,

I used CBTNugget course made by James Conrad to study which was NOT a good source in order to pass the exam, many questions were outside the course scope even though it teaches you many things about Windows Server but in order to pass you should have something like 6 months of experience using windows server.

If anyone wanted to know any details about feel free to ask :)

Preparing for the exam took me less than a week (just a rest of hard studying while preparing for my CCNP routing exam :P) :D


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    Congrats on passing the MTA exam! icon_thumright.gif

    Good luck with the CCNP.
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    Congrats bro icon_thumright.gif and gud luck with your CCNP exam

    As you said CBT Nuggets is not enough to pass the exam, where else shall we prepare for exam?
    6 months of experience on server is quite a time lol
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    Thanks guys,

    Obaid, I saw a good book last couple days that is "Windows Server Administration Fundamentals, Exam 98-365" by John Wiley (not sure about that)
    It has a good amount of information needed for the exam

    and by the way I had 42 question most of them had 3 sub question inside (for example a figure with 3 true/false question about it)
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    Hi, I'm new to this forum. I have passed Network+ and Linux Essentials, and am wondering how the 98-365 exam compares? Or if you found the exam tough?
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    Tmcg, I haven't took any Comptia exam so I don't really know.
    The exam was not hard but I Would consider it as an exam for your actual hands on with windows server 2008
    I had 42 question most of them had more sub questions inside them (a figure with 3 multi choices or true and false questions) most of them were very specific in details.

    good luck :D
  • tmcgtmcg Banned Posts: 127
    Thanks appreciate it
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