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I have a good reason to learn a scripting language at work. I see python a lot but I've never messed with it. I'm intermediate with batch scripting but that can only do so much. I've done a few simple things with bash and perl.

For those in network and security fields is there one language that stands above the rest that's good to know?
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    Python is the way to go!
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    I say python as thats you will run into, but you may find a language you like more. Ruby is my preferred language, but the only reason is because all of my early scripts were written in ruby that were given to me.
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    So it largely depends on what type of security you are doing.

    Exploit Development
    CPU Assembly Languages (x86, x64, ARM, etc...)

    Security Scripting
    Ruby, Python and Bash

    Windows Exploitation
    Powershell hands down

    Web Security
    Javascript, HTML and SQL are your immediate needs. After that...start learning some Dev languages...there's a LOT, so I generally pick these up in pieces as I need them.

    Mobile Security
    - Android - Java
    - iOS - Objective C / Swift
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    As far as the Ruby vs Python debate...I think they each have their strengths and weaknesses.

    For network level attacks and raw packet generation, Python has the Scapy library which is unparalleled by anything in Ruby. If you want to accomplish the same thing in Ruby...have fun writing your own raw sockets... I'm actually surprised it hasn't been ported over.

    I prefer Ruby for string handling, XML/HTML parsing etc... Plus Metasploit is built on Ruby...which is obviously a huge selling point in the security world.
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    Ruby is heavy used in cloud systems.
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