Connect a real switch into GNS3

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I have read a few guides on this but to be honest I'm not too sure what would be the best way to do it given my setup. I have read about buying expensive quad nics, raspberry pi, using a console server.

I have one 2950 switch (cisco) which I want to connect into GNS3 and then connect up virtual routers to it. Eventually I intend to get a couple more switches such as 3950s

My PC is running windows 7 pro and I have one NIC which is on the motherboard

What are the best options do i have and how would I do it to connect my real switch(s) into GNS3?

Thank you.


  • phoeneousphoeneous Go ping yourself... Posts: 2,333Member ■■■■■■■□□□
    Best is relative. Do you plan to use your pc's nic for something else?
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    I learned years ago from this YouTube. I have shared this through the years with others & they usually say that it did the trick for them.
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    Make sure your NIC supports 802.1q tagging. It should show up on the manufacturer's website if it does.
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