Should I skip an MTA as a new developer?

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Hey forum friends! I have a question for all of the experts that have already traveled down this path.

I'm a pretty fresh web developer. I've been working on small side projects and such off and on for the past few years. A few websites - and a few website fixes, and a few Wordpress child themes things like that....all HTML and CSS. I can write a few lines of Javascript and Razer, but not nearly enough of either one to say that I know them. I've got a portfolio, that I'm not at all happy with. I guess it looks okay, but I'm not feeling it - I REALLY want to design a new one, but nothing fancy; just clean and professional. I also have a Github that I've got a few (maybe a dozen or more) code bits uploaded too..some demos like a few fancy CSS menus, and such.

I went to ITT Tech for a few years, working towards a BAS in Computer Science. I took the usual classes about building/troubleshooting PCs, Linux, Win Server. I took a few years off and then went to Full Sail, working towards a BAS in web development. I took a lot of classes covering all of the usual stuff - Photoshop layouts, Illustrator layouts, color theories, HTML and CSS classes.

I ran out of money and I'm not eligible for any more loans or grants, so college is currently on a back burner until I take care of some of my loans.

So then, all of that being said, I'm now 31 and I still don't have a proper IT career and I'm going to do what I can to get started finally.

I feel like a Microsoft certification would give me some extra career horsepower, but I know it isn't a "insta-career" button. I know that I need to polish my portfolio and my github. I also need to learn to network and reach out and find some more projects to work on - even pro bono, volunteer work to pad my portfolio. I know I need to learn something more than HTML and CSS - I know I need to learn Javascript, and I'm working on that now with some sites like Codecademy, MVA, and Pluralsight.

I also want to earn my MCSD in Web Apps, but I know it won't happen in a month. It might not happen in a year or even two years, but I'm confident that if I learn Javascript I can pass 70-480 without a lot of trouble, and earn my MCP at the very least. However, I'm somewhat at a loss as to which direction to head in...I've heard a few opinions about the MTA (98-375). Some people say it's a waste, but some people - on these forums actually - have mentioned that they're NOT useless.

Should I just skip the MTA completely and shoot straight for my MCP? or should I try to earn my MTA first and then my MCP? I can take the MTA now for about 50 bucks, so that's not a bad deal. I would like to reiterate that I know these certifications won't be an 'insta-career'. I know that the knowledge I'm getting just from studying for them is the ultimate key, and that's what I want - but having the paper to go with that knowledge will be good as well; something to buff the ol' resume with.

What should I do? I would love some input and thoughts from others who have already been down this road that I'm struggling through.


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    I never took an MTA cert, but if you do take one... it can help you measure where you are at and help you learn how to get use to taking a test. The good thing is Microsoft has that second chance thing going on and there exams are not as expensive. I would try both and see how comfortable you are in it. from there, you will be able to make a better assessment.
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    The MTA once you pass you automatically get MCP. There is no getting the MTA or getting the MCP.

    The MTA certification is an MCP qualifying certification, so when you pass your MTA you also meet the requirements for the MCP. It's a double whammy.
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    Hi Sceptre,

    I just passed my MTA: Databases recently and the Microsoft site say...No, passing the MTA is not an automatic MCP qualifier.
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    Two points to clarify: I'm pretty sure MTA does not give MCP status anymore, and the MTA exams do not qualify for the Second Shot promotion.

    In my experience, certifications for web developers are not as important as your experience and portfolio. Since it looks like all of your experience is front end client side, try looking into PHP and SQL and learn some server side scripting and database stuff. That could be the missing piece in your portfolio.
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    ITSpectre wrote: »
    The MTA once you pass you automatically get MCP. There is no getting the MTA or getting the MCP.

    The MTA certification is an MCP qualifying certification, so when you pass your MTA you also meet the requirements for the MCP. It's a double whammy.
    ve you that.
    This is heavily false, MTA will NOT give you MCP, only the MCSA exams can gi
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