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I took the exam today and passed with an 89%.
Here is how I prepped for it.
Bought the Matt Walker AIO book.
Bought the VTC.com CEH course.
Bought the Boson CEH Test simulator.

Jan 1, bought all the material above.
1: I first watched the 10-hour VTC course. I would say this was a good intro course to let you know which areas you need to study more in depth, but you can not pass the test using this video course alone.
2: I then read the Matt Walker AIO book cover to cover, going very slowly, testing out the different tools it references in the book.
Doing 1 & 2 above took about a month because I was spending a lot of time experimenting with the different tools on my home network. For example, I would spend hours testing out a specific tool and monitoring it with Wireshark just to see how the different options affected the packets.
3: I used the Boson simulator to get a basis on my knowledge level at that point in time. I would consistently get passing scores in the 70-80 range. I would see what areas I was missing over and over and spend time focusing on learning those tools better.

On Feb 1st I scheduled the exam for March 9th (the first available testing date in March).

After I scheduled the exam, I did steps 1-3 above again. On the second pass, I took notes, went slowly and methodically through each chapter, stopping on areas I wasn't familiar with and researching them on the Internet or seeking out Youtube videos to help it sink in a little better. (For example, I spent an hour with the CryptTool watching how one specific algorithm worked.)
I was also taking the Boson tests each week and seeing my average passing score go up.

Going in to the testing center I felt I had over-studied for the test, but I was glad I did. Many of the questions were pretty tricky, and because I had spent so much time preparing, it made it so I could pick out the answers which were really close, but not quite right.
I passed with an 89%. There were several questions that I felt had multiple "best" answers, and I could argue how any of them would have been right. I think that brought down my score over what I felt it should have really been. Then of course there were a couple questions I wanted to smack myself in the forehead for thinking I knew it when I was studying it, but not being able to pick out the answer.

I was expecting the exam to be a little easier after reading multiple threads on the forum saying how some people were disappointed with it. I wasn't disappointed at all, and felt my test was pretty close to the materials I studied and not overly generic and high-level questions.


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    Did it go in segments, like 30 questions, then 16, then 40 with each break asking if you wanted to review.
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    Congratulations on passing your CEH!
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    Yes, exactly like that.
    thehayn1 wrote: »
    Did it go in segments, like 30 questions, then 16, then 40 with each break asking if you wanted to review.
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