Passed 70-417 2nd Shot needed.

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Hello all,

After studying for 4 months I have passed the 70-417. I failed the first attempt a month ago with a 669 or something in the 411 portion.

Re read all my material and double read the stuff I was weak in and passed with 820. Second shot came in handy.. take advantage. The exam is a beast and covers a ton, take full advantage of learning objectives, labbing, labbing, and giving it a good shot.


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    Congratulations, that's one tough exam; so many questions!.

    I failed it in December - got 900 on the 410 but only 608 and 639 on the 412/411 sections. Going to have another bash at it in a few weeks' time.
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    Congrats on the pass, this certainly appears to be one of the tougher Microsoft exams. Will be taking mine in a week.

    How is the exam timed, x amount of mins per section? Also, approx how many questions did you encounter in each part?
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    When I took it in December the sections were not timed individually. Like most exams, you cannot review a section once you decide to move on to the next one. Interestingly, my December appointment was 150 minutes and my next one is 180 minutes. I wonder if they're allowing extra time due to the number of questions. The exam had 80-90 questions; typical exams have 40-60, so this is a lot more.
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    Thanks all,

    Between 80-90 questions, about 150 mins for me.

    Buddy of mine is working on a side project to upgrade from 2003 to 2012 for a small business. He called me and I told him right on time.. should be fun.
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