Passed Security+, what's next?

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Passed Security+ the other day. I've already registered CISSP (associate) on April. I am trying these two basically because they don't ask for working experiences which I have none, and I need some certifications to begin my career in this field.

Here is the question: I would like to get a certificate on the skills. I have been thinking of CEH but it says they will check out your experience before giving you the certification. Besides, I have been suggested to take the OSCP instead. Which one should I take, or any other choices? Any suggestions will be appreciated.


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    congrats. I passed the Security + today and I am thinking about the OSCP because it's more hands on than the CEH. You are right, the EC-Council requires experience for taking the CEH, but i heard that if you do take a formal training, the 5 day bootcamp (expensive), you will be eligible to take the CEH. Same thing for the CISSP, I believe you need 5 years of experience in some domains.

    I would strongly recommend the OSCP because it's more practical and like I said hands on and they don't ask any experience. I want to be a Pentester and I believe the OSCP would be best for me as well.
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    @catqueenbb Thanks! Me too I would like to have a more hands-on certification. I am still not sure if we have testing places here in Shanghai but I think I'll try that kali-linux course anyway.
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    Congrats! You said you don't have any experience, I would look into getting some before pursuing these more advanced certs. They won't help you land a job if you don't have experience to back it up.
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    Great job. Mission complete
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    Congrats on passing the Sec+!
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    Congrats and good luck!!
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    I was just reading about the OSCP exam, goodness, that would be one highly intense 24 hours eh?
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    Hi catqueenbb
    Someone with same Username as yours has just created an account over at the TechNibble forum. They claim to have "passed A+ last month" - so I assume it is a fake / spammer.
    Please contact the forum admins at TechNibble if you wish to report this.
    Good luck with the OSCP:)

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    Just remember CISSP deals more with the administrative aspect of security and it is also considered a top tier certification. It would also be good to obtain a masters degree or MBA just to polish yourself, IMHO if you are looking at moving to the higher echelons of the tech ladder. If not, then thats ok as well.icon_cool.gif
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