SSCP Passed

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I started studying for this exam shortly after passing Security+ (SY0-301). The main sources used were Darril Gibson's AIO and Pluralsight/Trainsignal CBT's. I also reviewed other sources such as Prof. Messer's Security+(SY0-401) videos on Youtube, SSCP study notes on,,, webcasts, studISCope, and reading security related articles over the course of several months. Going in, I did not have the same feeling that I was going to pass than I did as I did with Sec+, but I felt that I should pass having an understanding of the fundamental concepts of the domains.
The studISCope practice tests messed me up in a good way I suppose. I focused more on weak areas, but also reviewed areas that I was strong in. I purchased 3 and used 2. I took the first one before I started reading the AIO, 2nd one when I was in the middle, and was going to take the 3rd at the end. Last test did not happen. The studISCope had deflated my confidence especially when I scored lower on the 2nd practice test than the first (before I started reading). The questions are worded strangely, but it was an opportunity to address weaker domains and slow down my test taking. Read the questions, read the answers, decide which one is best. The actual test seemed easier than I anticipated. I could almost always eliminate some answers and pick the best option out of the remaining ones. I took 1 hour and 30 minutes and reviewed 2 questions I had flagged. I also made note of potential "trial" questions that I encountered. Next up is BS-IT at WGU starting April 1st. I also have the CASP book that I'll read through. CISSP? Maybe one day.


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