802 exam tomorrow

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I have my 802 exam tomorrow morning; last week I passed my 801 with a score of 695 which is admittedly a bit meh, but I'll survive. Mostly been reading up on the bits with Meyers book and Professor Messer videos on the side.

Can anyone give me any pointers in regards to the simulated questions? I'm partly expecting command line type stuff but apart from that I've no idea what else in the objectives could require my thinking hat.



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    Lol when i read this that you had a score of 695, my score was a 694, but i did not do one of the simulation cause i have no time to go back and do it, if i had time and did it, then i probably would have had 700-710 in that range. For your question idk cause i am in the same situation as you but taking more time to review the 802 because i know there will be more simulation than the first test
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    Passed with a score of 755, so now A+ certified. Booyah.
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    awilson wrote: »
    Passed with a score of 755, so now A+ certified. Booyah.

    Congrats on the pass. icon_thumright.gif
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    Congrats on the pass on 801

    can you give me example of question?
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    What did you use to study for 802
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    Congrats on getting your A+ cert!
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    awilson wrote: »
    Passed with a score of 755, so now A+ certified. Booyah.

    So how did you prepare for the exam? I'm taking that one soon
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    Predominantly cramming the 802 relevant bits from the Meyers book alongside the odd Messer video here and there, then loads of practice exams etc. Also practice basic command line stuff, formatting drives, so on, so forth.
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    awilson wrote: »
    Passed with a score of 755, so now A+ certified. Booyah.

    Well done! I booked mine for next month. You reckon it was easier compared to the 801?? I know it has less questions but are they harder?? Meaning no clear answer, tricky, etc....
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