Studying for the new tests - with the older materials

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If I went ahead and studied for the SWITCH, ROUTE, and TSHOOT tests using the prior materials (using the pre-300-115, for example, material), wouldn't this effectively get me past, say, 90-95% of the material being tested on? It would save me a small fortune in funds at a time when I really don't have it to spend.


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    Switch seems to be pretty much the same as before, but with Wireless and QoS removed
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    I can speak volumes for switch. You do not necessarily need the new books. I bought the new book anyway but from what I have seen almost everything is the same minus a few small topics (SPAN/RSPAN/Sackwise/VTPv3) which you can probably read enough online. However more exam targeted reading will probably come from the book so I would never openly discourage someone from getting the book.

    I can't really speak much for ROUTE or TSHOOT.
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    We can all understand being on a budget. However I would still consider finding the cash for the extra book. If you are studying at the CCNP level then this is presumably what you want to make a career out of.

    If there is truly not enough money in your budget then I am sure you can find all of the info online. Books just put it together neatly for you.
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    Just read the objectives and learn them. Some exams do not have books new or old. As long as you know you're stuff you'll be fine.
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    I will be buying the old Odom book in addition to the new one by Wallace for ROUTE. Unfortunately the SWITCH books are by the same author. I always like to study from multiple sources. As far as the CCNP SWITCH Simplified book, I think it's a good read, and it has labs on QoS and Wireless which you won't find in the new materials(I know they no longer test on it, but just for fun!)
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    If, and WHEN, that I fail a $250 test. I don't want to wonder if a $40 book would have made a difference. The time value of money compared to 3 months of studying is the important consideration imo.
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