How Important is Network+ if i want to follow security route?

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Last month i passed my A+ exam, Im working as an intern at a local governement, not very much experienced as im a new graduate. after passing my A+ exam im undecided as to which certificate to do next...Ive studied the Network+ coz i had the material for it and i feel Im getting comfortable with it. should i write the N+ exam first then go for Security+? or should i should go for CCENT then CCNA Security? which route is best when i want to have a solid network and security foundation?


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    I think you answered the question yourself, you already have done the studies and are comfortable with the material. I would go ahead and take the test. Most people say the CCENT exams is much easier if taking it right after the Net+. Then you could do the CCNA Sec exam bypassing the ICND2 if you wanted to, and circle back to Sec+. For all intensive purposes the CCNA Sec is equivilent to the Sec+ for 8570 requirements, but is still a worth while cert.
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    The reason people say the CCENT is much easier after the Network+ is because there is alot of overlap... My advice would be to save your money and not take the Network+ exam, get your CCENT then get your CCNA Security. The CCNA R&S is recommended too just so you have a better idea of how networks work.

    Since you have already been studying for the Network+ I would recommend grabbing a CCENT/CCNA book. You will find the beginning covers alot of what you already studied.
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    I think it is important to note that NetworkNewb did the more progressive route of taking Network+ a couple years ago and went for CCENT last month, so his opinion is valuable. I agree that if you are capable of CCENT, do CCENT. Your Network+ won't be worth anything once you get it, so why waste your money?
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    I'm not an expert on the enter level certifications anymore, but if I am interested in a cert topic I would most likely focus on that topic. So in your instance I would probably get security +. Then the CISSP once I got experience.

    I think if you want to follow a security route then studying security material and align your certifications as such.

    I like managing software projects and leading teams so I get certifications that align with that. No server certifications or networking. Just saying....
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    Thankx for the replies and the MCSA/MCSE 2012R2 wont be necessary? or are the any Server certificates that also covers Security concepts?
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    As someone also planning on going into Security. I'm actually debating if I want to get my MCSA or not because I work with Server 2012 alot right now... But I'm thinking that after my CCNA R&S I'm going to be focusing solely on security certifications though.
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    Or maybe you can squize the MCSA in while you stil waiting to get the experience needed to get your CSSIP coz Im told you must have atleast 5 years experience in security to get that certification.
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    Yes you need 5 years of Information Security experience before sitting for the CISSP and find another CISSP or have the ISC2 endorse your candidacy. Best to gain experience in the chosen field before simply collecting paper as well.

    - b/eads
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    Mokoena wrote: »
    Or maybe you can squize the MCSA in while you stil waiting to get the experience needed to get your CSSIP coz Im told you must have atleast 5 years experience in security to get that certification.

    Yea, thats a possibilty. There are alot of Security Certifications out there though. I see bunch from SANS that look interesting... Want to learn Python one of these days... Then there is the OSCP... CCNP: Security... I do realize those last 2 are in different areas in IT security, so don't actually know which I'm planning on yet. Plan on getting a couple entry security certs then seeing where exactly I want to go. What I'm considering my entry security certs are Security+, CCNA: Sec, GSEC.

    Planning on actually taking a SANS course this summer if I can get in to their work-study program.
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