A+ certification ASAP (need help)

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Hey everyone I'm a newbie to the certification world. Fresh out of college after this semester and really want some certifications to go along with my IT degree. Been told from several people that two of the big certs to first have are CCNA and A+. I figured I'd start with the A+ and was looking at an online course that starts next monday and lasts 6 weeks. Definitely in my time-frame. I know the self-study option is also available, but I feel like online classroom learning might be easier (both for me and in general).

What do ya'll think? Should I take the class? It's all online and is offered by George Mason University. Other option is self study, but I feel like I'm risking not passing the exam (right away at least) if I go that method. Unfortunately I have to make a decision soon, as the last day to register for the course is next Monday.


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    What is the cost of the online University one?

    If there is ANY cost associated with that course, I'd say do it yourself. Nothing worse than hearing a professor blab on and on and on when you can get down to what you need to know, yourself. Also, do you have to wait for the class to start on a certain day/time, and be involved with BS "classwork" where all of you get involved with the course together and discuss the issues online or in forums, and.......blah blah blaaaaaah!
    Sorry for the rant, THIS is why I like WGU, btw. None of that crap involved. :D

    Having said a mouthful of uselessness above, I suggest if any of that is involved, or a cost, then just buy Darill Gibson's books, and perhaps the Exam Cram book, and do some Quizlet's as well, online. It could easily be done in a month by yourself.

    I "googled" it, and got this. Is this it?
    CompTIA A+

    If that course is what you're doing, is it 650 dollars? icon_confused.gif: DOH!!!!

    If so, NO...
    Run don't walk away from that. Do the above and you will pass. (That'll be my discounted advice rate of.....hmmm...250 bucks)
    You're welcome! icon_lol.gif
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    You shouldn't take a class for A+. Self study is a better option. During my college degree, I had 2 classes that "covered" A+ materials. Well the program sucked. I had to self study in my own to get my A+. If you want to take a class for the CCNA that is one thing as there is a lot of material on the exam. You can find some good bundles that include vouchers and a book for the exam. That would be your best bet. Good luck!
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    Honestly A+ should be self studied unless you are the type that needs to be hands on. To each their own, only you can judge whether it is worth it.
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    I agree with the others, self-study for A+ should be more than sufficient, just give yourself plenty of time.
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    I did my A+ while I was in school so I took classes but that isn't necessary to pass the exam. You should be able to self-study the exam pick up an Exam Cram book and go knock it out!! :)
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    Hey everyone, my name is Sam and I'm also new to the certification world. Even newer than the other fella because I have never taken any courses or training at all. I've always been good with computers- built my own- and everyone always asks me to fix their computers. Basically, it's always been an interest of mine and I really want to learn more about the field. I was thinking I would like to take the 801 and 802 exams. I've read your advice about doing the self study thing, so I've already ordered some books, but I can't seem to find any information anywhere about where and how to take the exam. It seems if you pay for a course, maybe they give you the exam at the end, but that's a guess. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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    Pearsonvue is where you can schedule the exam and shows you the closest exam centers after you register. Also you must purchase the vouchers, either through COMPtia or other vendors at a discount. I purchased mine off of Totalsem.com which was in Mike Meyers all in one A+ guide.

    Good luck
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    The best place to purchase vouchers would be the CompTIA Marketplace. They have some good deals going on with their cert master and a voucher and a retake plus a $100 marketplace gift card. Also note that that is only for 1 of the 2 necessary tests for A+. You would need to purchase 2 bundles for 220-801 and 802. Save 41% on the CompTIA A+ Premier Bundle
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