Passed ICND1!!

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got an 864. Kept a tally of the questions i knew i had got right and those i had to guess at and i knew i had passed before i submitted the final answer. Know your subnetting, know your switching & routing, know your basic config and know your show commands!

I will note that everything ive read and heard said you need an 840 to pass, You now only need an 804.


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    Great job on the pass! Enjoy it. Relax, take a break, get ready for ICND2.
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    siggnation wrote: »
    Great job on the pass! Enjoy it. Relax, take a break, get ready for ICND2.

    Thanks, ill actually be taking the N+ next because i have a free voucher for it that expires in june so i need to get that out of the way then i will circle back to ICND2
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    I would focus on the ICND2 if I were you. I got my N+ years ago and it's not a big deal cert. If it's free then don't spend too much time on it.
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    I have until november to take the ICND2, i only have until June to take the N+ and the N+ should only take me a couple weeks to study for. Thats time i would probobly just take off anyways.

    There both free i got vouchers for both of them for taking classes at new horizons. About the only thing those classes were good for....
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    Congratulations I just passed myself. I'm going to be aiming to get my ICND2 finished asap. I was thinking about taking network + after this but I'm going to go right into security +.
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    Congratulations icon_cheers.gif
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