Anyone use Slack for agile communication?

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My boss inquired about it and from what I can tell it looks like a utility that can be leveraged instead of email and other forms of communication, keeping the channel to one specific platform other than F 2 F.

I'd love to hear experiences from the community if they indeed use this or have used it in the past.


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    I am on it for some of the meetup stuff. It's not bad for social chats and stuff... it just doesn't seem super advanced either. It's persistent chats with the ability to upload pics and files. That's pretty much all I've see it used for.
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    Thanks Iris for the follow up I completely missed this until now. Thanks!
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    We use slack. It's cool, but nothing revolutionary. The slack bots are pretty cool.
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    We have just started using it as well. It looks like a good tool for collaboration between certain departments and teams. It's also useful for its integration with other certain products. We're looking to replace Lync and reduce email with this, still in testing though. It also has a nice mobile app but you absolutely have to change the notifications so it won't get out of hand. Overall, not a bad product at all in my opinion.

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    We have a team of 7.

    2 .net devs who co locate and a etl dev.
    We have a product owner, myself who is a PM/Requirements and a DBA/Data Analyst and a senior leader (Senior Director).

    The senior leader is on the executive floor, then the DBA, product owner and myself are together. We use email a lot and it seems things are missed a lot.

    For application development efforts what are you thoughts? All of our projects are code based, database redesigns, web portal enhancements, refactoring for optimization and performance etc.

    Does slack lend itself well to agile efforts? Right now we are Kanban focused so hopefully it snaps into that sect of agile.
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