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Hi Everyone,

I would like to compliment my security background with a networking certification focused on security. From my understanding, I need to pass the 200-120 CCNA exam as a prerequisite for the CCNA Security certification. I have searched around on the forum, but see that some of the study material out recommended is out of date. Also, I'm not interested in braindumps as I want to fully understand and be able to perform tasks - I don't agree with cheating.

1. What study material do you recommend? (videos/books/etc. - and affordable :))

2. Besides the study material, are there any other additional resources I should purchase? (routers/switches/free virtual simulation of these?)

3. Any additional suggestions?

I just took the CISSP and waiting to get my results back so need to keep my mind occupied for the next few weeks. Plus, I think as a security professional, I should understand networking much more than I do so now.

I appreciate your help in advance!


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    You actually only need the CCENT 100-101 as a prerequisite for CCNA:S, not the full CCNA. Depending on what you do in security, the knowledge from the CCENT alone should be more than enough networking knowledge, but if you want to go for the full CCNA, more knowledge never hurts.

    I feel the best book is Todd Lammle's book. As for videos, Chris Bryant's videos on Udemy can usually be had for $10-$20 with coupons he posts in the description and various specials he runs. CBT Nuggets are more expensive but are highly rated as well. INE has the videos for about $19 I think. As for practice, Packet Tracer seems to be the go to for virtual practice.
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    As said you only need the CCENT these days as a prereq. On a side note if you think you can pass it without prior knowledge in a few weeks you should think again.

    CBT Nuggets and OCG are both great.
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    CCENT is the only pre-req for CCNA Security. However, having your full CCNA R&S won't hurt you as some topics from route and switch are covered in CCNA Security like spanning tree. You could always give Paul Browning CCNA in 60 days a go. I recommend his book and program because I used his program exactly and it worked for me. It took me around 70 days because of college classes partying etc. But still, it will work. This program lets just say is the closest thing to a "braindump" as you can get (as to what Cisco will test you on not test answers) His ebook is only $10 and is great and structured well. For simulation, you can get by with Packet Tracer but you really won't need it for CCENT. If you really want it, just google packet tracer and odds are you will find a download for it somewhere. Honestly, you can get by with just show run on the sims and answer the questions (That is what I did at least) http://www.amazon.com/Cisco-CCNA-Days-Paul-Browning-ebook/dp/B00IY5FP2G

    For practice exams, purchase Boson exams they are pretty close to the real thing. However, in reality, you are better off spending the money for the actual exam then practice exams. They can only test your knowledge to a certain degree. Ex: Boson practice exams are $100 and comes with 3 tests. After a while of taking them, you memorize the answers and they lose their credibility and can give false positives when the real test comes. I wouldn't recommend Transcender for CCENT mostly because the sims are crappy. Just for $20 more you can find a discount voucher and take the real thing and see how you score.

    Also, keep in mind, CISSP is a great certification don't get me wrong as I hope to achieve it someday. But you are learning it from a vendor neutral perspective not vendor specific. The vendor specifics types of material/questions is what screws up at least 80% of Cisco test takers. They forget commands or forget what command does what or even syntax for that matter (which they test you on this quite a bit). Hopefully that helps you out a bit. The CCNA is a big accomplishment and should not be taken as a "cakewalk". Good luck man!
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    Thanks, gentlemen. I'm thinking of going with the Amazon book kMastaFlash recommended and compliment it by Chris Bryant's Udemy videos.
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    satishtechsatishtech Member Posts: 243
    I am using Lammle , Cram book by keith,[Odom as reference]
    Packet Tracer, Books and websites for subnetting practice.
    As many practice exams/questions as I can get.
    I hope this is enough , feel Boson practice exams are the best.
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