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Hey Guys,

Really need some reassurance here... So I am a local helpdesk support tech for my general contracting company who deals with construction work meaning IT isn't a hot commodity around here. I am not formally educated I just got tossed into this role and into this division that consists of an IT director and a IT Tech which is me.

My job duties are really sporadic meaning I do helpdesk work, communications and training, and also AD environment work again not formally trained... My end path I wish to end up eventually is down InfoSec. I am currently signed up for the first part of the CompTIA A+ exam as compTIA has a career path you can folllow to breach into the InfoSec world. So I brought it up to my IT director to see if the company would pay for it, but heres the thing he told me I shouldn't go and take it but I feel they're just abusing the right I'm not certified but I can still do the work just fine, all self study and whatever I needed to get done I would just go and figure it out. But I don't want to be taken advantage of as they pay me not worth what I am and I know I won't be able to even be considered for another help desk role in another company... I've been currently doing this role for 2.5 years going to 3.... and I would hate to not be able to get a job with that much experience under my belt.

So my question is: As someone in my positions is getting the CompTIA A+ a good first step to validating my experience in that role? And also would it allow me to be considered for any run of the mill Help desk job.


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    Since you lack formal education, certifications are going to be the quickest thing for you to obtain and add some appeal to your CV/Resume. The A+ should be easily obtainable if you're a quick study, and it sounds like you are. Grab an A+ book, I suggest the Exam Cram, and watch through the free professor messer videos, and you shouldn't have an issue with the exam, after you pass the first part, start towards the second one, and get that cert :D.

    Afterwards, start working towards the network+ and/or CCENT.

    Professor Messer's CompTIA 220-801/802 A+ Training | Professor Messer - CompTIA A+, Network+, Security+, Linux, Microsoft Technology Training
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    I really appreciate you taking the time to reassure the path I'm taking is somewhat on track. And Yes I regret not realizing my niche or passion earlier in high school and now I've built a foundation without an education so going back to take a 4 year Uni degree isn't in my sights as I have a home with a mortgage now. But I'm only 22... So hopefully the road of certs will validate me and be able to land me a job within InfoSec 7 - 10 years down the road. Is that wrong to envision your career around a timeline like that?

    Edit: Professor Messer's Video tutorials have been a huge help/find for me! And with the exam outline provided by CompTIA I'm finding that the videos have been sufficient so far, I haven't had the need to go from the videos!
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    I've built a foundation without an education so going back to take a 4 year Uni degree isn't in my sights. But I'm only 22... So hopefully the road of certs will validate me and be able to land me a job within InfoSec 7 - 10 years down the road. Is that wrong to envision your career around a timeline like that?

    What I can tell you is that at age 22 a college degree should be anything but beyond your sights. I had a chat with my older brother when I first got out of the Army when I was 25. He was a manger that eventually become a director of a large defense contracting company overseeing InfoSec operations. He made real money..I’m not talking about this 20 dollar an hour run of the mill stuff….the kind of money that changes your life. He told me that without a four year degree it would next to impossible to land an InfoSec job in defense contacting.

    He indicated while it’s great to have a degree in a technical discipline, it’s not required. A four year degree with qualifying certifications and experience is really the ideal equation to get an InfoSec job. The thing is InfoSec jobs are anything but entry level, it takes years of experience to get an ‘entry level’ InfoSec position. He told me that a four year degree is a check the box kind of thing. It was question number two or three…if they are unable to check that box…you don’t move forward. If you limit yourself to not having formal education…more than likely you’ll always be beat out for positions with those with certifications and education.

    I understand everyone’s circumstances are different, and I have no idea what’s going on within your life. If at all possible I would encourage you to start taking classes (in person, weekends, online, whatever) at your local community college and earn an Associate’s degree in an IT related discipline. If you’re unable to obtain a Bachelor’s degree for whatever reason, I suppose I understand. However, you need to understand that a Bachelor’s degree when working in IT (and especially when trying to land a job in InfoSec) will open an infinite amount of doors that would otherwise be completely locked to someone without a Bachelor’s degree.

    Degrees are formalities. I learned much more (at least thus far) from doing certifications because it’s a concentrated study not strung out over semesters…but it’s a requirement, and I do them because I have to. Now at age 29 I've earned an Associate’s degree, I’m in my last semester of my Bachelor’s degree, and plan to start on my Master's degree this upcoming January. If I can accomplish this…anyone can.

    Best of luck,


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