CCNP: Wireless, let's finally get this one done.

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So, after recently knocking out the Wireshark WCNA I figure it's time to come back to the dark side of Cisco.

Thought it was time to finally tackle the CCNP: Wireless, been working with WLC's since the 4.x code and the WCS days so why not. Although I must admit I am not crazy about the age of the current version of the CCNP: Wireless. Many of the exam objectives still reference many outdated technologies (WCS, Cisco Spectrum Agent, etc) but I do suppose the core technology is the same.

Going to be starting with the IUWVN, involving VoIP over VLAN (VoWLAN)

Will be following the CLN's guide for some of this:


The Guide Reference Guide from Cisco Press
CCNP Wireless (642-742 IUWVN) Quick Reference

VoWLAN Design Guide v4.1 - Curious to see how this differs from Cisco's current mobility design guide
Voice over Wireless LAN 4.1 Design Guide - Cisco

AVVID Multicast Design Guide - (Might just review Deploying Mulitcast networks, but I'll see what this is about)

7921G Deployment Guide

Probably also going to look into IPExperts Videos, since INE does have anything for CCNP: Wireless.

Going to be starting with the quick guide reference guide. Going to shoot for an exam date during Cisco Live since the exam will be half-price, but we will see how I feel about the material by then and if I can even fit the time in during the conference.
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