Passed PMP Today!

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Hey all, I passed the PMP today after preparing for 2.5-3 months or so. Resources used were Rita 8th edition, PMBOK, PM PrepCast and various forums around the internet. I would put the exam difficulty up there with the CISSP primarily because many of the questions were very ambiguous and I felt like I was trying to decipher what they were truly asking and try to eliminate answers until I was left with the "most" right answer. I got a Proficient rating in all domains except closing where I got Moderately Proficient. Glad to be done with this and take a break until beginning my MSIA in August with DSU. (getting married in June so I have enough on my plate!)


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    I actually thought the CISSP was more difficult than the PMP. The PMP was very challenging but the CISSP took it to another level with the difficulty of the questions.

    Anyway, that is a good combination of certs to have. I plain to maintain them both.
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    mdragon, They were both definitely difficult, the only reason I mention the difficulty of the PMP is because IA/Cyber Security came much more comfortably to me than PM since I had so much IA experience prior to sitting the exam.
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    Congrats Brother.
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    Congrats and Good Job !!!!
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    Congratulations on passing the PMP exam. It's great that you got proficient scoring on most of the domains. Good luck with the wedding as well. Again great job!
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    Did you eat all the allocated time?
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    Congrats on the pass!!
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    Congrats. Does anyone happen to know in terms of salary range, which course gives the biggest bump normally, CISSP or PMP? I know they are different areas of study completely, Im curious.
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    do you face numerical q&a like critical path, costing, lead lag etc.
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    @Riyan - You will need to know these.
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    Congrats Zx! Your trophy collection is looking sexy. :D
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    Congrats icon_cheers.gif
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