Office 365 and WGU

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WGU attendee here.

So today my wife and I were conversing about making the investment to get Office 365, then we realized something: I had my student discount, and she had her faculty discount, and we could get the Office 365 University for 79.99 for 4 years. She had it on her portal (She teaches at a different college of course), and after searching Dreamspark, I found a side bar that advertised it for that price, which took me to this website called one hub. After verifying my school and all that, I got a license. Yippee! Wait a moment though, I go to the Office 365 website (Microsoft) and it asks me to verify my student email. I do, and I get an email for confirmation to verify, but verification fails. After attempting this multiple times, my frustration resorts to just sending them an unofficial transcript. I didn't see WGU recognized as one of the colleges in their list, even though they're accredited. I hope that I'll get a green light back? I will be a little frustrated if they come back telling me I'm not eligible after purchasing the key.
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    I'm pretty sure that it must be a back end issue. I was able to purchase a 365 subscription using my WGU email. Of course, I also have Office 2013 Professional Plus, which doesn't make a lot of sense, I suppose, but I needed to put Office on several computers and this was the easiest/best method.
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    Try with the at the end WGU had a link a while back to get it for free at least the student edition of it.
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