The good ol' days

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Anybody know if Text Adventures are still available? Or even if they are in-production? I am learning Python and came up with the idea from my old days of 'you are likely to be eaten by a Grue'. Especially with the 'retro' trend in gaming, who here would like to see more of our old command-line games back in action? I wouldn't mind typing away for the sake of saving a princess.


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    (Insert cricket sounds here)
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    Just kidding, unfortunately i have never experienced such a game, when i started playing video games i only had a nintendo and never touched a PC till yrs after that, i do remember turbo graphix 16 though
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    I dont know about text adventure games but maybe to help learn see if any MUDs still exist.
    MUD - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    This would be a great way to learn and still do your text based adventures.
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    Zork haaaaa

    My mother and father are programmers and all their friends are were programmers back in the 80's. I would go over to these parties and they would plop me in front of their 386 with a vga graphics card and go to town. That was so much fun! I remember all those games, I was geeked out on Mech Wars!
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    Thanks! I have heard of these, but never really looked into them. I will definitely take some time to check into them now. Maybe even look into how to make them, it sounds really cool.
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    I remember copying commands in BASIC for text based games into my TI-994A and Timex Sinclair computers as a kid (get off my lawn). Wasn't really as fun because I saw all the options and results but I was a kid and was just fascinated with it.
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    I used to MUD a lot back in the day via telnet and zmud (MUD client) -- used to play Kaos MUD hosted by Temple I believe.
    Personally, I thought MUDing left a lot to the imagination which is now done for you by Graphical MUDs or MMORPGS.
    Good luck if you decide to do it!
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    Of course I heard of Text RPGs. I used to play them as a kid on my Vic 20 and 64, although they got kind of boring.

    You can use DOSBox and download all types of Dos Games from a site I have used alot: Free games: Download over 600 DOS games. Shareware and freeware, reviews, help getting games working!

    They have text games, as well as popular stuff like Doom and such. I find it works great in DOSBox.
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