That wasnt so hard

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I got 950, crazy switching and simple ospf sim. It is more than doable, well on to voip certs
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    I wish I could say the same. I'm having a rough time because the first time I took the composite exam I wasn't very knowledgeable with Switching and only knew the 1900 series. I came close, but failed due to that reason.

    Now everytime I go to take the exam(after intense studying), Cisco doubles the difficulty on me and I always fall around the 750-800 range.

    Maybe when I get my CCNA they'll give me my CCNP as well. :)

    Congrats on the pass. Are you going to proceed further?

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    my sybex used both 1900 and 2950 but after reading here i sticked to the 2950 configs, im not sure i should no dp or np, but right now my company wants me to do one of the voip certs

    but keep trying its more than attainable cuz all i did was read the book and do practice exams and i had minimal experience
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    congrats on passing. icon_thumright.gif ccvp is a good cert specially if combined with a routing/switching cert like ccnp. :D
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    congrats on that pass........ :)
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    Congratulations! :D
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    thanx guys if i hadnt hesistated so long i could have had a long time ago, i really had nothing to fear, never again will i make that mistake :D
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