Need to take CCNA again because...

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Hi, I took the CCNA exam yesterday for the first time and i failed with a score of 807. I have about 2 years of experience in networking and i thought i was going to pass. I kind of know where i failed (i click next too soon and there was more questions on the lab), it was in one of the ACL labs. I got two ACL labs, and 1 EIGRP lab.

My questions is, I'm planning to retake the exam in two weeks. I know i will get different multiple choice questions but would i get the same labs. By same labs i mean same concept (ACLs, EIGRP), or would i get a different lab, like NAT, OSPF, etc?

Please advise so i can practice and pass the next try thanks.


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    While there is a chance you may get the same labs, I wouldn't bank on it. The next go around you might get a different lab type.
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    I failed 10 days ago ...but I didnt know about the date till the morning of the exam day lol ...I couldnt reschedule it >>> goin to take it soon ....I would let you know if I get the same lab (( which I doubt it )))
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    Thanks, i been studying ****.com, i guess i'll practice the NAT and OSPF labs just in case.
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