New CompTIA exams?

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Hi Guys,

Background about me: been working in the IT field for about 1.6 years now (fashion industry) doing helpdesk level. I'm looking to start studying next week for my A+ Cert, then looking to moving on to Net + and possibly Sec +. However, I've been reading that a new exam will be coming out (whenever that is). Will it be worth while for me to study and still take the 801/802 exams now (looking to take the exam next month or so)? or should I wait for the new exam and the new material? Also, long shot question, but if I take the A+ cert before the new exam comes out and by the time I take my Net + exam, should I be worried about relevant information from A+? I'm assuming the biggest new add will be windows 8/8.1.

Also, thanks for materials. Currently going to be watching Professor Messer videos and other online resources. If anyone thinks the Mike Meyers book is a must need, please let me know why and I'll probably pick it up as well.


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    Welcome to the forum. I would tell you that the next edition of the A+ (220-901/902) exam is still in development. I have not seen, yet, a press release stating when the next exam will be released. And, typically, there is a 6 month overlap where you can take both versions of the exam. Since there are study materials available to you for the 801/802 tests, I would strongly encourage you to focus on those instead of thinking about the next revision. A+ certified is A+ certified, regardless of version, assuming you are current through submission of your CEUs and fees.

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    thanks for the feedback
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    Well, the Cut Score work shop is list as 1st week of Aug so earliest launch would be Nov maybe. It most likely won't be a huge change from the 801/802 exams so just take them and move along.
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    The new exams will be out in December this year..
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