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If the follwoing subnet mask has been given, so how can I determine the Ip address for the following subnet mask ?


I know, 26=192, 27=224, 28=240, 29=248, 30=252, 31=254, 32=255, but how can I find out the IP addressess for above SUBNET MASK?

Any help would be greatly appreciated..


  • ghaoufghaouf Inactive Imported Users Posts: 317
    i belive this site could help you
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    Thanks ghaouf.

    I did check that website, but couldnt figure it out..

    Any Cisco Guru can help me ?
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    Why don't u check at Odom's IP Subnetting Chapter? That book can easily clarify the subnetting problems for you icon_idea.gif
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    You have listed 7 different subnet masks, and you haven't provide a network address, so it is simply impossible to determine anything... icon_wink.gif

    Judging the content of the questions you ask about subnetting it seems that you are missing some basic information. I think you want to cover the basics of IP addressing first...

    We are still working on our subnetting TechNote for the CCNA exam, but I really recommend you try to figure out, it will cover the basics and the advanced knowledge that is essential for the CCNA exam.
  • ghaoufghaouf Inactive Imported Users Posts: 317
    this might also help.
    i do not know much about ccna subnetting so i am tring my best
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    Did you study with Guide book or just exam cram and those free dl exam notes?

    There are huge different between them - ONLY on the explanation and understanding the concept.

    I highly recommend for study guide, as they said before. There a chapter dedicated for subnet...
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