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i not promoting any thing but i was just posting this to tell you of an oportunity to download free practice questions.

get it even if you do not want to use it right now.

over 450 free A+ Core certification exam practice questions and explanations

webmaster i think this should be a sticky for a while.

good luck to all :D


  • WebmasterWebmaster Posts: 10,292Admin Admin
    Well actually, since they are selling questions as well, I rather have them advertising at our site, hence allowing us to increase the amount of material for TechExams.Net. But I'm going to move it to the A+ core page in the offline link section soon...
  • cap2361cap2361 Posts: 17Member ■□□□□□□□□□
    ok I gave this site a look over. The free download is under the A+. I did not recieve all the free questions that were advertised. I did get about 100, which were divided up under 10 different topics. so that was 20 questions total for A+. (At least they had right answers for the 20 questions I did see). Was there another pack of sorts that was to be downloaded or did I do something wrong on installation? More or less I did not get 450 A+ questions! I think there maybe some false advertising here. I am trying to email the site for an answer. But of course free practice is free practice.
  • ghaoufghaouf Posts: 317Inactive Imported Users
    did you get the one for the core, i do not belive the os is free.
  • cap2361cap2361 Posts: 17Member ■□□□□□□□□□
    yes according to the web site. as i stated before, the A+ is advertised for free. what I got was 10 practice test with 10 questions each. A+, OS+, +net, etc.. This is what I got when I clicked on their advertised free 450 A+ questions.
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