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So I found a couple groups near me that I would like to join, attend meetings, and network with others. My concern is I've always been more of a quiet person and have an introvert type of personality.

My question is, what do you usually talk to people about when first meeting them at these types of gatherings? I've never been big on small talk but I definitely want to do this. I feel it is a weakness area of mine and definitely something I want to get better at.


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    I am exactly the same in a way. I have a very direct approach to things in life and especially at work to the point were I intimidate people lol, Ive been told that too.
    what I've learned though is that people's body language is key. I would observe first and listen and then use that information to start a conversation or join a conversation. Always introduce yourself though first and join conversations that you think are interesting or have something to contribute also.
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    I'm not big on small talk either, but it's easier at these type of things because there is a common interest already known to easily break the ice. Jump into some technical chat, introduce yourself, join the conversation which inevitably steers from technical once everyone is comfortable.
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    I am an extremely shy person so meeting new people is often difficult to me. So I just smash my way in with a hammer and move forward. This approach doesn't always work well, but I at least get to move forward beyond the awkward introduction stage.
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    I have done a few of these netwokr events.

    I'm an introvent/exterovert.

    The good events have name tages or a good meeting lcoaiton, or both.

    You need to come out of your shell and talk to some people.

    I go right up to the person and introduce myself.

    I start with questions:

    What brought you here tonight?

    What do you do?

    This can kick start the converstations.

    You can follow with these same questions as well.

    As you start talking listen to the person's story.

    My big tip:
    Get to really know the person and see if they're any common interests.
    Focus less or getting a reffaral and more on the person.
    In the end you want to see if you can help that person or if they can help you.

    Also, it helps to go to network events with someone else.
    I haven't done this personally, but I have seen others do it an they;re always talking to someone.
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    I've attended a few meetups in the twin cities. At each one there were many more introverts then extroverts but when the discussions became very technical a lot of the introverts jumped in. Some barely talked but they weren;t treated any differently and I think they felt comfortable. I think you'd be among similar company no matter your personality. If you need some support I'm willing to help, I'm kind of an extrovert but have dealt with many introverts in a leadership capacity. I even thought of creating a meetup because they've mostly dried up around here, but no place to host. If anyone knows of any active ones in the twin cities I'd really appreciate it.
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