Malware analysis training

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Hi everyone,

I am providing malware analysis training which will help you with the GREM test(no guarantee) at $500.

It covers below topics:
1. Usage of various analysis tools: Hiew, Ollydbg, IDA Pro, Volatility, PDF Parser...
2. Analyze malicious files in different forms:PE, PDF, JS
3. Writing scripts to facilitate analysis such as repairing IAT, decrypting strings, classifying files.
4. Network traffic analysis(how and where to capture, how to figure out suspicious traffics quickly, how to share pcaps)

I will provide samples for training, you just need a computer with internet that can run Windows, OD, IDA, and VMWare.
If you doubt my ability, a free trial lesson can be conducted, the training will be provided through Skype and TeamViewer.
Feel free to contact me on Skype at tokyo_0816.



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