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I passed CEH with an 88% in about 45 mins a few days ago. Wasn't terribly difficult -- most of it was like another level of Security+ except with Nmap and other security tools.

I'm currently an incident response analyst for a government contractor and CEH was required for my job.

Next on the list is to get my employer to pay for my master's degree (this autumn or next spring) and take a CCNA boot camp offered though a local community college (this summer). I also plan on learning Python because I would like to sit for OSCP in a year or so and I have read that scripting skills are quite useful....

Best of luck to those studying.


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    Congrats testing010101! I'm doing CEH and CHFI this 6 months for school. What materials did you use to pass? How long did you have to study for?
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    Hey, Greater.

    I studied off and on for several months. There were some new concepts for me since I only graduated from college in May 2014 and don't have a significant amount of experience.

    I used Matt Walker's all-in-one guide, flash cards from Quizlet, and CBT Nuggets videos. I didn't bother to use any of the security tools mentioned in Matt's book in a VM.
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    Congrats on the CEHicon_cheers.gif
    Certs Gained 2018: CCENT ,210-255 ( Cyber Security Operations)
    Upcoming: ICND2, CTT, 210-250 (Cyber Security Fundamentals)

    Isaiah 28:10 - For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line; here a little, and there a little.
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    awesome man! Congrats on the pass.
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    Awesome. Congrats!
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    Looks like I'm bein audited. Here's the email I received this morning:
    Dear Candidate,

    Greetings from EC-Council!

    We do our Candidate Retesting Audit (CRA) across every single result that we receive. This is a procedure that is applicable to every student who is certified via us. In a given situation, we need to request the students to provide their education background or CV/resume and the training center information. If you are not comfortable to provide the CV, then kindly describe your IT security working experience and whether you have any others certification from any other IT security certification body.

    1. What is your educational background? Are you currently working? Do you have any experience in IT security?

    2. Where did you attend your CEH training? Kindly name the training Center?

    Kindly provide a copy of your resume.
    Your cooperation in this matter is highly appreciated.

    Best Regards,

    Certification Surveillance
    [email protected]

    Web: Certified Ethical Hacker, Information Security Certifications, Computer Security Training, Network Security Courses, Internet Security, Hacking | EC-Council

    NOTICE: This communication is meant only for the addressee (s) named above and may contain information which is and/or legally privileged. If you are not the named addressee (s), or the agent responsible for receiving and delivering this communication to the named addressee (s), this communication has been sent to you in error. If so, kindly contact us immediately for retrieval purposes. Unauthorized dissemination, distribution, copying or reliance on this communication is prohibited and may attract criminal penalties.
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    I received an email about being audited for CEH exam. Can you please tell me how long it takes them to respond back to my post to them which included my resume and additional information? If they require I retest is there a waiting period or can I schedule it immediately? thank you

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    I need to book this next week. Just knocked out CISSP and CASP so I think I should be ok but I am using a few sources to prep.

    don't worry about the audit..... happens all the time.

    2017- NEED PMP
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    Looks like I'm bein audited. Here's the email I received this morning:
    Dear Candidate,

    Is that what people receive before being asked to do a second exam (Audit exam)?
    Seems like they just trying to verify the 2 years experience or attending a training center.

    You said you used Quizlet. Googling Quizlet exam **** does show they have some exam **** questions on there.
    Maybe you answered a question correctly they had flagged.
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    Congratulations on your pass!
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