I have a N+ question

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First off... hello to everyone on here, this is my first post.

So, I have some serious time crunch going on and needed a course in Network+. I studied and was doing very well on the practice exams. This morning I took N10-006 and failed 616/900. Turns out I have been studying 005. I have studied for a week and have been doing almost nothing else. Was I doomed to fail due to the different test version? It has definitely shaken my confidence. I take the 005 tomorrow.



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    I think you should do fine tomorrow. the N-006 has some new material that may have cAUGHT YOU OFF GUARD. I would feel confident that you would ace n-005 tomorrow.icon_thumright.gif
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    You will find out. Were you studying for the 005 for a week total? If so that's always a possibility of hindering your performance as that is not very long. Scoring well on practice tests that you repeat several times doesn't necessarily mean you will get a good score. If you score well the first time on practice tests then you should be fine.
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    Thanks! I do well the first time I take them and try to avoid repeating the same tests. I wish I had more time but sometimes you just gotta deal the hand you are given. I will drop in tomorrow afterwards and hopefully have a positive report.
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    Hello, I am just curious, you said you had studied for only a week? Do you already have some experience in networking? If you already have some experience then studying for a week for the 005 test you should be ok as long as you feel solid on the concepts and all objectives. Good luck on the exam!
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    I have no experience in networking or anything. Heck, 2 weeks ago I had troubles setting up my own WAP. I crushed the test scoring an 807. Thanks for the help guys. Moving onto sec+ now.
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    What test materials are you using?
    (Took me 3 weeks of studying to get Net+, but I already had my MTA-Network Fundamentals and experience in networking)
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    I just bought the book which was pretty cheap and watched Professor Messer videos on youtube that talked about the parts that gave me the most issues. I really needed help with subnetting and used it to refresh the 257239429 different TCP/IP protocols. Also, just to get a grasp on troubleshooting.
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    what do you need help with in Subnetting?
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