Passed my network+ today 807! What next?

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Hello! New here, i've just been lurking the past months (Strictly for study material on network+) I'm completely lost on what I should go for next though. I'm all for networking, currently a student worker at my university and just got a job being a work study in telecoms (Learning the physical aspect, analog phones, panels etc) than i'll be learning about the whole VoIP (The campus is split between VoIP and analog) I saw it as a GIANT foot in the door for networking, the only thing is, I don't know what I should study for next. My campus primarily uses Cisco equipment and the material in classes always lean towards cisco, but, I haven't taken any those classes (Specifically any networking classes) So i'm lost on what do. Right now I was thinking of waiting until i've taken a few networking classes combined with freelance studying before taking my CCENT or CCNA and just start my studying for Security+ or just study for my CCENT now. Any suggestions?

Primarily used Exam Cram N10-005 network+ and professor Messer videos for studying too!


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    Start studying for CCENT now while all those networking concepts are in your head! There is definitely some a small amount of overlap so the beginning sections of the CCENT should be familiar to you.
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    What would be some good study materials? I have Wendall odoms book already (for classes) is there anything else? I'm leaning either toward Boson or cbt, but I'm not sure which is better
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    Congrats Welcome to the Clubicon_cheers.gif
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    Congrats on pass!! icon_thumright.gif
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    Thank you all! Made me very happy to see that I passed once I did that just lovely survey lol
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    Very nicely done and congrats to you..maybe doing CCENT?
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    That's what I plan on doing now, since it makes sense that I do so with networking on the brain and all haha
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    Congrats on your pass! and good luck in your CCENT studies if you go that route.
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