SUggested Learning Material for NET+ 2005

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hello evryone!

first,I would like to say THANK YOU for Sharing knowledge and giving advice of all Authors and Members of this site. It helps a lot for all people praparing for examinations. I just passed my A+ certification yesterday! again thank you! =)

Im planning to dig NET+ next this year, but they just revised the net+ objectives, any advice for good book reference or learning materials?

thanks in advance.



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    cairtakercairtaker Member Posts: 140
    I am using Anthony Chiarella, "CompTIA Network+" 'Self Study Guide 2nd Edition' It has on the cover that it was updated 2005 with new CompTIA materials. It also has the seal from CompTIA on it.

    I have been through the book, and from all the practice tests I have been taking, so far everything has been in this book. It is organized well and teaches in categories/topics. At the end of each chapter is knowledge quiz with the answers in the back of the book.

    IMO its a well organized book. The only thing I did not see was a good list of the required to know ports numbers icon_rolleyes.gif .

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    benjzbenjz Member Posts: 7 ■□□□□□□□□□
    thanks for giving your reference book about net+, i will take a look taking this book.
    thanks again. =)
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