what certs to get within one year

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Hello I am new in the I.T world. I only have one year left on my G.I Bill and was wondering what are some certifications I can get in the next year to be able to be marketable in getting a job. I would consider myself a rookie to I.T but i have taken a real interest in computer in the last six months and want to follow it in my new career. Any schools or certs someone can recommend i would really appreciate it. thanks


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    I'd avoid security. Yes, you can get an entry-level cert like Security+, but to be any good at security you really need to have a wide breadth of knowledge for all things IT. My recommendation would be to stick to the trusty old Microsoft certs involving Server to develop a good "base" and then figure out where you want to get more in-depth (Exchange, Virtualization, Networking, etc). Nothing says I'm right, so others can share their thoughts.
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    What are some good schools. I read good and bad things about CompTIA, InfoSec institute I am not sure which schooling to use and being that i only have one year of G.I Bill money i want to make sure its not wasted. thanks
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    First, you need to figure out what your GI Bill will pay for. Post 9/11 doesn't pay for certification training courses, they only pay for certification exams, and each one will take a month off of your GI Bill, assuming it's under $2000 (most are). Licensing and Certification - Education and Training

    Now there are some schools and other VA programs that work well for tech training. I'll see if I can find some and compile them here.
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    Thanks BlackBeret I would really appreciate that. Is ITT Tech any good?
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    A few links I found. I don't know where you're at or what you'll qualify for, but I'd suggest google and "veterans IT training". Also if you're still in and happen to be Army, Skillport has some decent training in almost everything IT related.

    Career Transition | IVMF - This one looks real good. Wish I had known about it a few years ago.

    Another good place to check can be local community colleges. Some of them will be qualified to use the GI Bill at, and will have IT training programs with certifications built in to the cost, CCNA Academies, etc.

    Also, nothing beats the price of the library and most have at least the major certification books up to date. You can borrow and read books on A+, Network+, and Security+. The CompTIA tests are relatively cheap compared to others.
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    I haven't attended, most people seem to think of ITT Tech as a scam to be honest. I personally would avoid any for-profit schools. If you want to put the GI Bill money to use and really want classroom training, find a community college with a good IT program. You check Cisco's site for CCNA academy partners. I think CompTIA has/had something similar, and other schools will have programs where they give you vouchers after completing the courses. Another good thing about the community colleges is a lot of them will offer evening programs for those that work during the day.
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    Something to think about
    I went to a state community college where they helped me through the CCNA and a lot of linux, security, networking courses and i enjoyed my experience much more. Also they have a CCNP program which i am looking forward too. My community college had a huge Cisco lab, basically while studying you can go and learn hands on with anything from your switch stuff all the way up too layer 3 switches, advanced routing etc.. Really had a blast there and everyone i met where very dedicated and knowledgeable about networking.
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    You should go to a tech school as some of them have great IT classes and sometimes pay for your 1st attemp at a cert
    also your GI might be done in 1 year however you should look into Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment

    Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (VR&E) Home

    and most importantly make your VA rep your friendicon_cool.gificon_cool.gif

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    You've got a year left on your GI Bill? Good God I hope you didn't go to Devry like I did. I'll never be able to pay that back and I make a decent salary. I would look to community colleges for IT training. They usually have good programs. I should've just settled with my AS for a few years before hitting up Devry and doing the BS through them. Worst mistake of my life.
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    If you are an Air Force employee then you can access the Air Force portal and use the E-Learning Skillport. I studied for CISSP, Security+, and CCNA through there all for free.
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